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How Dealer Sign Compares to the Others

What are auto dealerships saying about Dealer Sign? Plenty and all of it is good. The car-selling industry truly appreciates an electronic signature platform that was developed specifically for their industry. We won’t name any names, but here is a look at some of the features and how they compare to the competition.

Set-Up—Starting with Dealer Sign is nearly instantaneous. There is no need to create, set up, and add all the templates and signatures. The Dealer Sign library is available to dealers instantly after set up.

Document Importing—Dealer Sign has consistently received high praise for the ease with which the documents can be added to the signing envelope. We’ve heard complaints of documents that reformat or shift during the importing process. There were other stories of templates and forms that disappeared from the signing envelope.

Signature Sending—Dealer Sign gives the dealership the capacity to create one signing envelope with all the documents. There are no follow-up emails. Since it is online the envelope URL can also be texted to the customer if that is more convenient. The system is intuitive. Once the customer has affixed their electronic signature to the forms and pressed the COMPLETE button, Dealer Sign returns the documents to the dealership.

Verification—Dealer Sign also offers two-factor authentication to ensure security. For remote signers, Dealer Sign has Advanced Auth, our proprietary system that far exceeds anything on the market when it comes to ensuring that the signatory is who they say they are, and protect you against fraud.

Signing—Dealer Sign transitions smoothly from one step to the next in the dealer signing ceremony. Buyers are not left waiting for forms to print out or faxes to arrive. Things move along, as they should.

Multi-Party Signing—There has been a good deal of grumbling about this process with other platforms. We’ve heard reports of missing signatures and dates, and just a generally cumbersome process. Not so with Dealer Sign. Once the signing envelope has gone through the process with one signatory, it is automatically forwarded onto the next.

Vaulting—Saving all copies of documents is important. Dealer Sign provides electronic vaulting of all forms in the signing envelope for the legally required period. In the event of a state or federal audit, documents are easily retrieved. With our storage features, you keep all documentation together in one secure, encrypted location. Privacy is serious

Pricing—There are a good many complaints about ambiguous pricing policies, surprise charges, hidden details, and rude phone calls. With Dealer Sign, you choose from one of our packages, designed for the sales volume of your dealership. If you start making more sales, then upgrade to the next package. You’ve earned it.

Ready to Start with Dealer Sign

Your goal as an automotive dealership is to create happy customers. Dealer Sign can help you do that. People always remember the last thing you do for them. If that was a smooth, quick, and painless signing ceremony, word will get around.
At Dealer Sign we make things easy for both you and your client. Call us at (561) 631-9177.

Dealer Sign’s Template Management System: Happy Customers and Happy Dealers

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The car dealership is under fire today. According to the Cox Automotive Dealer Impact Study 2020, 71% of car buyers want to do more of the purchase online. Half of the consumers are seeking alternatives to visiting the dealership in person at all.

The message in these numbers: when the customer does decide to come into the dealership to sign the paperwork, you need to have everything ready to go and easy to complete. Better yet, if you can send the customer their paperwork at their home or office, you’ve made their life even easier.

Remember, today’s dealerships are selling to car buyers who have much more choice. Car-buying platforms such as Carvana and Vroom make it possible for the customer to never have to visit the dealership and then have the car delivered to the house.

You can compete, though, when you use Dealer Sign’s electronic signing platform and our dynamic template package.

It Starts with the Dealer Sign Templates

Most templates require creation and calibration. You as the dealer need to add the template to each page as it applies. Dealer sign houses all the document templates needed to complete the sale of a car, and also allows you to upload your deal directly from your DMS. You don’t have the hassle of managing templates and hoping you didn’t miss one.

A survey by Forrester Research found that dealerships using electronic signature systems such as Dealer Sign saw as much as an 80% reduction in errors, and increased productivity by as much as 85%. Paperwork doesn’t get missed, and your dealership avoids the logjam of buyers who have settled on a deal and are now just cooling their heels in the hallway or an empty office.

“The general impression is that templates are templates,” said Dealer Sign’s vice president of sales John Cohn, “But we have designed our templates to save you time and make the signing ceremony much easier for the customer.”

Dealer Sign Also Empowers Remote Signing

There are any number of customers who don’t want to visit the dealership for the signing ceremony. Work responsibilities, family commitments, and pandemic fears all play a role in this, or perhaps they are part of the new breed of car buyers who feel more in control away from the dealership.

Whatever the reason, Dealer Sign makes it possible to serve these customers, too. Remember, the document management system makes it possible to load all the templates into one online file. You can text or email that link to wherever the customer is.

Even if you have never met the customer, Dealer AuthTM, Dealer Sign’s identity authentication feature, allows you to verify that your customer is who they say they are, anyplace in the world. Other electronic signing platforms have remote identification proofing, but Dealer Sign’s system is the most thorough on the market.

Ready to Get Started?

Electronic signatures are used in any number of industries and businesses today. They are recognized throughout the United States. Dealer Sign’s templates, however, were developed specifically for the car dealership. We know your business and challenges. We make things easy for both you and your client. Call us at (561) 631-9177.

Dealer Sign’s Advanced Authorization Offers Dealership Peace of Mind

The ability of your dealership to offer electronic signatures is a major tool for staying competitive in today’s car-selling market. The customer likes the convenience and speed of the transaction.

Dealer Sign’s Advanced AuthTM feature also makes you look better to your financial partners. They appreciate the accuracy of the information you send them, and also because it can be easily imported into their system.

Dealer Sign also gives you peace of mind. You can verify anybody, anyplace on the globe. You have the peace of mind that they really are the ones e-signing the paperwork and that you have the proof. This is important in today’s world where customers don’t want to come into the dealership, or they might be out of town when their deal is approved, or the perfect car is located.

Advanced Auth is Dealer Sign’s Proprietary Feature

For other e-signature vendors, their equivalent of Dealer Sign’s Advanced AuthTM feature is a generic product referred to as remote identity proofing (RIDP), which is typically done through the Experian identity verification system. This draws upon the signatory’s credit report to assemble a list of questions based on the information found there. The signatory will be presented these multiple-choice questions such as:

  • What is the name of your mortgage company?
  • Which of the following price ranges does your mortgage fall into?
  • Which of the following is not a current or previous employer?

This is called knowledge-based authentication (KBA). If the individual is who they say they are, answering these questions poses little problem. But as you can see, the system is still capable of being frauded.

Dealer Sign: Developed for the Car Dealership Business

Dealer Sign’s Advanced AuthTM goes one step further in verifying identity of remote signers. This proprietary software takes the photo of the buyer’s driver’s license and runs the profile through the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of Treasury, and other watchlists. We also run the profile against the deceased list (in case they took the social from a dead person). Then we match the address and name against the information on their social security file and their driver’s license with the DMV.

It is only after the buyer passes successfully through this screening that Dealer Sign uses the Experian system to produce a set of knowledge-based questions for them to answer.

“Most electronic-signature vendors are generic tools,” said John Cohn, vice president of sales for Dealer Sign. “They are designed for all sorts of transactions, some of which are not even financial. They are not tailored to the automotive dealership, where the majority of transactions involve some form of financing. At Dealer Sign, however, we come from the dealership business. We know that some of these off-the-shelf tools create problems for finance sources. Dealers have to exercise care when selecting an electronic signature platform.”

When you use Dealer Sign and our Advanced AuthTM feature, you are going one step further to ensure you comply with red flags rules of electronic signatures and making sure you have protected yourself legally and financially.

Ready to Get Started?

Visit our website——and follow the home page link. Dealer Sign offers a series of packages designed for the volume of your dealership. But every package gives you the assurance that your electronic signatures are verified and proved. Questions? Call us at (561) 631-9177.

Remember, we come from the car dealership industry. We know how to make your life easy and your customers happy.

Florida E-Sign Requirements for Car Dealerships

Many of Florida’s 870 car dealerships are using electronic signature services from Dealer Sign as they discover that the Florida-based firm meets all the requirements of the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department (FLHSMV).

Dealer Sign Includes Electronic Attestation

The below Florida State forms are accepted by Florida FLHSMV as long as they are submitted with an e-signature attestation, a feature that is standard in every package offered by Dealer Sign. Dealers that use Dealer Sign’s electronic signing capabilities don’t even have to think about including the attestation form in the electronic package they submit to the FLHSMV. It is automatically in the online package, included along with all other forms.

FLHSMV now accepts electronic versions of the title application (HSMV 82040), duplicate title application (HSMV 82101), the odometer disclosure statement (HSMV 82993), the motor vehicle reassignment supplement (HSMV 82994), and the motor vehicle power of attorney/odometer disclosure forms (HSMV 82995) used to make odometer disclosures submitted by dealers and manufacturers. Dealer Sign provides this attestation as an electronic form in the document management system.

Dealer Sign Offers a Complete Package

Dealer Sign is an electronic signature system developed for car dealerships. The software platform combines all of the documents associated with a new or used car sale into one online electronic file, making for a quick and flawless signing ceremony. Dealer Sign features include a customized content management system, custom forms, email and texting for signatures, two-factor authentication, and advanced authorization of remote identity verification.

Dealer Sign reduces the signing ceremony by as much as an hour and 30 minutes in length, eliminates costly mistakes, and increases the efficiency of the signing ceremony by as much as 85%. This last feature is handy for those busy weekends when buyers are standing in line in the hallways or cooling their heels in an empty office, waiting for their turn to review and sign the document package for their car purchase.

Start with Dealer Sign Today

Dealer Sign has streamlined the e-signature process for buying cars from the dealership. They can do this because their electronic system was designed by people who have worked at car dealerships and know every aspect of the signing ceremony.

Visit the Dealer Sign Website——and follow the home page link. Dealer Sign offers a series of packages designed for the sales volume of your dealership. Questions? Call us at (561) 631-9177.

Creating Happy Customers with Dealer Sign and Electronic Signatures

The average person buys a car in a dealership about once every two to three years. That means there are many members of the car-buying public who still remember that not-too-long-ago time when the car-buying process was excruciating.

Making matters worse, once they came upon a deal they liked, buyers had to sit through the endless paperwork process, waiting for forms to print out, faxes to come from the finance company, and rubbing the muscle cramps out of their hand from the endless signatures. According to Deloitte’s Global Automotive Consumer Study, what customers hate about the car-buying process is, “too much paperwork and an overall buying experience that just takes too much of their time.”

Indeed, according to a U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index from J. D. Power, “it took new-car buyers an average of 3.6 hours to complete a purchase in 2017.”

The Answer is Electronic Signatures

That’s all over now because Dealer Sign reduces the signing ceremony for the purchase of a new car and actually makes it an enjoyable experience. Best of all, customers are happy, and happy customers are customers that return, and they also spread the story of how their car-buying experience at your dealership was painless. That means more customers.

Dealer Sign makes life easier for the dealership, too. Remember, the developers of Dealer Sign come from the car dealership industry. Dealer Sign turns your customers into your best sales tool.

Benefits of Electronic Signatures for Car Dealerships

So, why are dealerships turning to electronic signatures?

  1. It saves time. Customers already avoid going into the dealership unless absolutely necessary. When they do come in for the signing ceremony, the fact that the dealership has now streamlined the process to save them time makes the process less stressful for them. Dealer Sign can reduce the length of the signing ceremony by one hour and 30 minutes or more.
  2. Fast funding. The data received by the lender has already been checked for accuracy. And because it is digital, it can be loaded directly into their loan origination system. Loans are funded more quickly. It also ensures greater security around sensitive financial information.
  3. Confidence that things are done correctly. This is an aspect the dealership can stress to the customer. Dealer Sign automatically pulls up all forms and takes you directly to where the signature or initials are needed. Nothing is missed.

Electronic Signatures Benefit the Dealership, too

There are also reasons for dealerships to like electronic signatures.
Compliance. Consumer protection laws are always changing. Dealer Sign makes it easy to ensure that everything gets reviewed and signed or initialed by the customer and that everything is compliant with state and federal laws.
Accuracy. Car purchases generate a tremendous amount of paperwork. It is easy to miss something. Unfortunately, this often requires a re-signing and the risk of losing the sale because of customer dissatisfaction.

Dealer Sign prevents this. A survey by Forrester Research found that dealerships using electronic signature systems such as Dealer Sign saw as much as an 80% reduction in errors, and increased productivity by as much as 85%. That means that on busy weekends there is a drastic reduction in the number of bone-weary customers waiting in line for their turn for the signing ceremony.

Security. Dealer Sign gives the dealership greater control over the entire process. Each package has a clear digital trail of who signed and when they did. This also means that if there is more than one signatory, all signatures can be recorded, even if the signatories are in different locations.

Lower costs. In addition to the reduction in people power created by Dealer Sign, there is also less time tracking down and storing the mountains of paperwork associated with each sale. Documents are digitally handled, delivered, stored, and easily retrieved when needed.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to bring electronic signatures into your dealership? Visit our website——and follow the link on the home page. We offer a series of packages based on the sales volume of your dealership.
Questions? Call us at (561) 631-9177.

E-Signatures Made Easy for Car Dealerships


Car dealerships across the United State now have an option: a provider of electronic signature services that understands their business and the changes that are taking place. For most dealerships, it is not a moment too soon.

“Car sales have gone through a monumental change in the last few years,” said John Cohn, vice president of sales for Dealer Sign. “They’ve had to, with the advent of services that deliver to your door. Buyers don’t want to spend three or four hours in a dealership with endless signatures, and that’s after they have negotiated the price. Dealer Sign makes it possible to sign all documents in a single signing process.”

Indeed, Dealer Sign has streamlined the process. They were able to do this because they come from the dealership industry. They understand that the car-buying process needs to create happy customers and streamlined sales procedures.

Taking the Dealer Signing Process Online

Today’s car buyer has researched their purchase, both online and in-person. Their decision has already been made. The car dealership wants to make it a professional transaction as well. Recognizing that, Dealer Sign offers innovative services for the car-buying transaction.

Free Templating: This feature allows dealerships to save prepared fields in their most often-used electronic documents. You don’t have to drop and drag every time you set up a new form.

Custom Forms: Every state and many cities have specific regulations and forms that need to be filled out and signed during the car-buying transaction. Dealer Sign allows you to load the electronic form into the system, customize it with your logo and branding, and make it part of the electronic signing process. This allows dealers to keep all forms in one electronic location for easy retrieval.

Free Email or Texting for Signatures: For customers who can’t make it into the dealership, you can create and gather all documents, load them into a single online file, email or text the customer a secure link for electronic signing.

Free Two-Factor Authentication: Concerned about security. Dealer Sign offers two-factor authentication (2FA). We offer a numeric code emailed or texted to the signatory. This ensures security and is part of our service at no extra charge.

Advanced Authorization for Remote Identity Verification: Also known as remote identity proofing (RIDP), Dealer Sign offers this through the Experian identity verification system. The signatory answers a series of questions online (full legal name, social security number, birthdate, current residential address, personal phone number) which then triggers a series of questions that they should be able to answer, thus verifying their identity.

Everything in One Place

When it comes to the paperwork, Dealer Sign makes the paperwork part of car buying a one-stop signing ceremony. License paperwork, finance docs, contracting, lender paperwork, warranties, service agreement, bill of sales, gap insurance, and the rest of it—everything is in one place. Both the customer and dealership have an online record.

Ready to Get Started?

Visit our website——and follow the home page link. We offer a series of packages designed for the volume of your dealership. Questions? Call us at (561) 631-9177.

Remember, we come from the car dealership industry. We know how to make your life easy and your customers happy.


Florida DMV Electronic Signatures

Florida DMV Electronic Signatures

Florida is formally accepting electronic signatures for the Title App, Odometer Disclosure Statement, Power of Attorney, and Title Reassignment. The other requirements are already covered and included in Dealer Sign. We maintain an audit trail exportable with your deal at any time and and we automatically add the attestation to the end of the license and title deal pack.

Florida DMV Accepts eSignatures

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