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by Daniel | Feb 1, 2022 | E-Signing | 0 comments

The car dealership is under fire today. According to the Cox Automotive Dealer Impact Study 2020, 71% of car buyers want to do more of the purchase online. Half of the consumers are seeking alternatives to visiting the dealership in person at all.

The message in these numbers: when the customer does decide to come into the dealership to sign the paperwork, you need to have everything ready to go and easy to complete. Better yet, if you can send the customer their paperwork at their home or office, you’ve made their life even easier.

Remember, today’s dealerships are selling to car buyers who have much more choice. Car-buying platforms such as Carvana and Vroom make it possible for the customer to never have to visit the dealership and then have the car delivered to the house.

You can compete, though, when you use Dealer Sign’s electronic signing platform and our dynamic template package.

It Starts with the Dealer Sign Templates

Most templates require creation and calibration. You as the dealer need to add the template to each page as it applies. Dealer sign houses all the document templates needed to complete the sale of a car, and also allows you to upload your deal directly from your DMS. You don’t have the hassle of managing templates and hoping you didn’t miss one.

A survey by Forrester Research found that dealerships using electronic signature systems such as Dealer Sign saw as much as an 80% reduction in errors, and increased productivity by as much as 85%. Paperwork doesn’t get missed, and your dealership avoids the logjam of buyers who have settled on a deal and are now just cooling their heels in the hallway or an empty office.

“The general impression is that templates are templates,” said Dealer Sign’s vice president of sales John Cohn, “But we have designed our templates to save you time and make the signing ceremony much easier for the customer.”

Dealer Sign Also Empowers Remote Signing

There are any number of customers who don’t want to visit the dealership for the signing ceremony. Work responsibilities, family commitments, and pandemic fears all play a role in this, or perhaps they are part of the new breed of car buyers who feel more in control away from the dealership.

Whatever the reason, Dealer Sign makes it possible to serve these customers, too. Remember, the document management system makes it possible to load all the templates into one online file. You can text or email that link to wherever the customer is.

Even if you have never met the customer, Dealer AuthTM, Dealer Sign’s identity authentication feature, allows you to verify that your customer is who they say they are, anyplace in the world. Other electronic signing platforms have remote identification proofing, but Dealer Sign’s system is the most thorough on the market.

Ready to Get Started?

Electronic signatures are used in any number of industries and businesses today. They are recognized throughout the United States. Dealer Sign’s templates, however, were developed specifically for the car dealership. We know your business and challenges. We make things easy for both you and your client. Call us at (561) 631-9177.