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What are auto dealerships saying about Dealer Sign? Plenty and all of it is good. The car-selling industry truly appreciates an electronic signature platform that was developed specifically for their industry. We won’t name any names, but here is a look at some of the features and how they compare to the competition.

Set-Up—Starting with Dealer Sign is nearly instantaneous. There is no need to create, set up, and add all the templates and signatures. The Dealer Sign library is available to dealers instantly after set up.

Document Importing—Dealer Sign has consistently received high praise for the ease with which the documents can be added to the signing envelope. We’ve heard complaints of documents that reformat or shift during the importing process. There were other stories of templates and forms that disappeared from the signing envelope.

Signature Sending—Dealer Sign gives the dealership the capacity to create one signing envelope with all the documents. There are no follow-up emails. Since it is online the envelope URL can also be texted to the customer if that is more convenient. The system is intuitive. Once the customer has affixed their electronic signature to the forms and pressed the COMPLETE button, Dealer Sign returns the documents to the dealership.

Verification—Dealer Sign also offers two-factor authentication to ensure security. For remote signers, Dealer Sign has Advanced Auth, our proprietary system that far exceeds anything on the market when it comes to ensuring that the signatory is who they say they are, and protect you against fraud.

Signing—Dealer Sign transitions smoothly from one step to the next in the dealer signing ceremony. Buyers are not left waiting for forms to print out or faxes to arrive. Things move along, as they should.

Multi-Party Signing—There has been a good deal of grumbling about this process with other platforms. We’ve heard reports of missing signatures and dates, and just a generally cumbersome process. Not so with Dealer Sign. Once the signing envelope has gone through the process with one signatory, it is automatically forwarded onto the next.

Vaulting—Saving all copies of documents is important. Dealer Sign provides electronic vaulting of all forms in the signing envelope for the legally required period. In the event of a state or federal audit, documents are easily retrieved. With our storage features, you keep all documentation together in one secure, encrypted location. Privacy is serious

Pricing—There are a good many complaints about ambiguous pricing policies, surprise charges, hidden details, and rude phone calls. With Dealer Sign, you choose from one of our packages, designed for the sales volume of your dealership. If you start making more sales, then upgrade to the next package. You’ve earned it.

Ready to Start with Dealer Sign

Your goal as an automotive dealership is to create happy customers. Dealer Sign can help you do that. People always remember the last thing you do for them. If that was a smooth, quick, and painless signing ceremony, word will get around.
At Dealer Sign we make things easy for both you and your client. Call us at (561) 631-9177.