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Car dealerships across the United State now have an option: a provider of electronic signature services that understands their business and the changes that are taking place. For most dealerships, it is not a moment too soon.

“Car sales have gone through a monumental change in the last few years,” said John Cohn, vice president of sales for Dealer Sign. “They’ve had to, with the advent of services that deliver to your door. Buyers don’t want to spend three or four hours in a dealership with endless signatures, and that’s after they have negotiated the price. Dealer Sign makes it possible to sign all documents in a single signing process.”

Indeed, Dealer Sign has streamlined the process. They were able to do this because they come from the dealership industry. They understand that the car-buying process needs to create happy customers and streamlined sales procedures.

Taking the Dealer Signing Process Online

Today’s car buyer has researched their purchase, both online and in-person. Their decision has already been made. The car dealership wants to make it a professional transaction as well. Recognizing that, Dealer Sign offers innovative services for the car-buying transaction.

Free Templating: This feature allows dealerships to save prepared fields in their most often-used electronic documents. You don’t have to drop and drag every time you set up a new form.

Custom Forms: Every state and many cities have specific regulations and forms that need to be filled out and signed during the car-buying transaction. Dealer Sign allows you to load the electronic form into the system, customize it with your logo and branding, and make it part of the electronic signing process. This allows dealers to keep all forms in one electronic location for easy retrieval.

Free Email or Texting for Signatures: For customers who can’t make it into the dealership, you can create and gather all documents, load them into a single online file, email or text the customer a secure link for electronic signing.

Free Two-Factor Authentication: Concerned about security. Dealer Sign offers two-factor authentication (2FA). We offer a numeric code emailed or texted to the signatory. This ensures security and is part of our service at no extra charge.

Advanced Authorization for Remote Identity Verification: Also known as remote identity proofing (RIDP), Dealer Sign offers this through the Experian identity verification system. The signatory answers a series of questions online (full legal name, social security number, birthdate, current residential address, personal phone number) which then triggers a series of questions that they should be able to answer, thus verifying their identity.

Everything in One Place

When it comes to the paperwork, Dealer Sign makes the paperwork part of car buying a one-stop signing ceremony. License paperwork, finance docs, contracting, lender paperwork, warranties, service agreement, bill of sales, gap insurance, and the rest of it—everything is in one place. Both the customer and dealership have an online record.

Ready to Get Started?

Visit our website——and follow the home page link. We offer a series of packages designed for the volume of your dealership. Questions? Call us at (561) 631-9177.

Remember, we come from the car dealership industry. We know how to make your life easy and your customers happy.